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Topic: Professional Development

Global Ethics Day each October

From climate change to the global refugee crisis, ethics can help us address some of the world’s most pressing issues. Various opportunities to get involved each October! Read more

CAPAL Fall Paid Internship Program

This is a paid fall program that gives the opportunity for students to intern on a full-time or part-time basis in public service positions across the country. Qualified applicants should have a strong academic record and a demonstrated commitment to public service, including service to the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community…. View Article Read more

Free LinkedIn Interview Prep Tool

Found at Linkedin > Jobs > Interview Prep, students can record their responses to common interview questions and receive feedback (care of AI) on their answers. Perhaps a good way to save time in your office by giving them a chance to practice before they come see you? Read more

Volunteer Opportunities with Humanitarian Street Map

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is a global community of volunteers, community leaders, and professionals who work together to create open map data to support disaster response and sustainable development. See their calls for volunteers on their website (https://www.hotosm.org/get-involved) or on Twitter https://twitter.com/hotosm Read more