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Podcast: The Professionists

Source: theprofessionists.com

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All too often we commit ourselves to graduate degrees or occupations, prematurely, without having the tools to truly understand or appreciate the career that we are committing our lives to. We spend most of our lives at work, and yet before making such a massive investment in our future, we are frequently not given the tools to really assess, or understand the outcome of that investment. For many people, they are having to make a choice on how they want to spend the vast majority of their lives at before they’ve turned 25. The Professionists is aimed squarely at solving this problem, giving you the information and resources to: Understand how to decide on a career; Appreciate the many options you have; Develop in your existing profession; Job search at any stage of your career; Create a plan to switch careers; and Learn from the career journeys of experienced professionals, at the top of their game Find your fit, with The Professionists Podcast.